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Our top-notch professional expertise enables you to adopt best information security practices, improve risk management, strengthen security posture and achieve regulatory compliance.
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Threats to data security and privacy have become major concerns across the globe. Auctus enables you to effectively enhance resilience with its professionally competent team providing state-of-the-art advisory and leading-edge technological solutions. Our integrated approach ensures better compliance and guard against intrusion.

Information Security Management system – ISMS (ISO 27001)

Information security management is a structured approach to protect information assets by way of consistent policies and practices as well as a continual improvement mechanism. This includes measures to assure the critical aspects of information such as availability, integrity and confidentiality. ISMS helps establish:
A set of security controls in line with needs of the entity
A comprehensive risk management plan
Supervisory processes to ensure implementation and compliance
Series of documentation and records to ensure transparency and consistency

Privacy information management system - PIMS (ISO 27701)

PIMS is an international standard developed as an extension to ISMS to help protect privacy of personal information. This framework establishes guidelines for those organisations that control and process personally identifiable information (PII). PIMS,
Establishes a series of policies and practices in line with GDPR requirements
Enables compliance with host of legal requirements dealing with privacy of personal information
Serves as a means to demonstrate compliance and assurance to all stakeholders
Reduces the burden for business entities dealing with PII by transparent governance

Our solution Approach

The integrated solution approach to privacy and risk management consists of:


Identifying sources

Identification of applicable sources and integration of all relevant privacy compliance requirements.


Devising objectives

Devising a clear charter of objectives, roles, responsibilities, authorities and organizational structure for privacy compliance program.



Conducting a holistic assessment with regard to privacy impact, compliance and control.


Understanding data subjects

Understanding the data subjects along with their jurisdictions and the manner in which they were collected and processed.

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Implementing policies

Developing and implementing consistent privacy and data protection policies, procedures and practices based on classification levels.


Privacy notice

Publishing privacy notice to data subjects on the data collected, shared and restricting data access only to authorized users.


Utilizing technological solutions

Determining potential “personally identifiable information” and utilizing technological solutions for data classification, leak prevention, detection accuracy and information rights management.

Ensuring effective incident response.

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Stay Compliant, Secure Your Data

Stay Compliant, Secure Your Data
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