& daily malware detection


43% of cyber attacks target small & medium business.


64% of companies have
web based attacks.


Website Vulnerability Scanner

GamaSec web application scanner is designed to protect applications and servers from unauthorized access. Web applications are automatically scanned to detect software vulnerabilities. This scanner searches the website entirely, carries out in-depth analysis of all the files and provides a complete view of the website structure. Using simulated attacks, most commonly known security vulnerabilities are identified by way of an automatic audit.

Daily malware detection

Your website is provided with an optimal protection coverage using a combination of tools and techniques, these include daily malware detection to protect the website against suspicious file injections, continuously checking the status of your website on Google Safe Browsing list as well as other search engines through daily blacklist monitoring and identifying the web application security flaws using a remote online vulnerability scanner.

GamaSec investigation approach

Content emulation and penetration testing form the basis of GamaSec investigation technology as a means to carry out non-signature investigation. This approach helps in detecting JavaScript and binary shell-code that are encoded within legitimate media files and documents.

GamaShield PLUS

Remediation as a Service

Gamashield PLUS is offered as a service in both manual and automated mode. For this purpose, in-house tools and engines are used by GamaSec analysts. During each remediation, analysts comprehensively analyze the scanner reports to identify and effectively eradicate web application vulnerabilities as well as malwares.

Manual Application vulnerability clean up

Gamashield PLUS uses the kind of website security technology that is at par with those employed by fortune 500 companies. The cloud-based virtual hacker tool used by Gamashield PLUS is capable of swiftly identifying web application vulnerabilities and malwares which is followed by a comprehensive report that clearly highlights all the steps needed to remove them. With this product, you are well-informed and safe.

Rescan clearance report

As part of remediation process, GamaSec analysts rescan the website after removal of malwares as well as other application flaws and produce a report validating the status and the actions undertaken.

Check for all website attacks

In-depth analysis of every single file by crawling the entire website to identify varied website attacks.

Eradicate vulnerabilities

Identification and eradication of web application vulnerabilities and harmful malwares.

Comprehensive and affordable

Save your time, money and efforts as your website security will be backed by our experts.

We’re here for you, let our experts take care of your website security

We help you save time and money by providing an inexpensive approach to website security by ensuring that the vulnerabilities and harmful malwares identified are eradicated from your website.

100% web protection
Daily malware scan
Backlist monitoring
Website Vulnerability Scanner
Rescan clearance report
Identification of suspicious activities
Top-tier remediation experts
Swift, comprehensive and affordable
GamaScan/Ware Plans

GAMASEC WEBSITE SECURITY PLANSMitigation of security risks & strengthening business resilience

  • Website Vulnerability Scanner
  • Malware detection
  • Remediation as a Service
  • Website Vulnerability Scanner
  • Malware detection
  • Remediation as a Service
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